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5 min readMay 13, 2021


We are proud to announce our investment in Cryption Network, a collection of crypto products that aims to make crypto easy for the average retail investor.

Cryption Network is building a suite of products to make investing in crypto easier that will simultaneously create an Ecosystem that will create buying pressure on its native token, CNT.

Users will be able to swap, farm, invest, and predict with Cryption’s unique, easy-to-use DeFi 2.0 products.

The Current Barriers to Entering the Crypto Market

There have never been more people looking to get involved in crypto than there is now. At the time of writing the entire crypto market cap stands at over $2.4 trillion. Although this current cycle has seen a massive increase in the number of institutions investing in cryptocurrencies, the crypto industry at large is still led by retail investors. Even Bitcoin, the major cryptocurrency with perhaps the highest proportion of institutional investment, is still largely controlled by retail. In the first quarter of 2021, retail investors purchased 187,000 Bitcoin compared to just 172,684 by institutions.

However, despite all this retail interest, there are still a lot of barriers to entering the crypto market. The industry itself can seem unforgiving and intimidating to the uninitiated. To truly engage with crypto, an investor must familiarize themselves with wallet addresses, decentralized exchanges, and have a solid understanding of blockchain technology. This might not seem like a huge amount to know for someone already involved in crypto. However, if you compare this to the simplicity of purchasing shares on Robinhood the difference is stark. On top of all that, mistakes in crypto are mercilessly punished. With money sent to the wrong address or invested in scam projects irretrievably lost, it’s no wonder people find the industry intimidating.

On top of that, UniSwap is still struggling massively with gas fees. At the time of writing a spike in fees had seen them reach $400 dollars in some cases. These fees represent one more hurdle for the retail investors. It makes it impractical to invest anything less than what a lot of people would consider a life-changing amount of money.

Centralized exchanges like Binance and Coinbase in particular have provided investors with a simplified route into the industry. However, using services like these greatly limits the different ways a person can invest in crypto. In particular, a lot of the benefits to investing in DeFi are closed if one wants to limit themselves to using Coinbase. At the moment, there is no integrated ecosystem that simplifies investing without taking away from all that crypto has to offer.

Bringing DeFi to the Retail Investor

Cryption Network provides a suite of products that allow investors to easily avail of all of the benefits DeFi has to offer. These products will be usable through the Cryption App which will act as a wallet and DApp browser for both the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems.

PolyDEX is the first of the products offered by Cryption Network. PolyDEX is the PancakeSwap of Ethereum, using an L2 solution to deliver zero gas fees. An AMM DeFi exchange, PolyDEX features an L1 — L2 bridge allowing liquidity to be easily transferred from Ethereum to Matic.

Seer is another of the products built by Cryption Network. It will allow the creation of markets based on predictions of basically any topic. High-frequency trading will be available on Seer because of the nominal gas fees required. Seer will allow users to create a market on everything from a political election to a basketball match. As well as that, Seer can be used for creating markets as insurance against specific events.

Cryption also offers DeFi Stack, a service that caters to all of the DeFi considerations a project might have when it’s starting out. Considerations like tokenomics, liquidity and circulating supply, will all be catered for with DeFi Stack’s fully customizable, easy-to-use no-code DApp.

On top of that, Cryption offers non-custodial portfolio management, which takes the complication out of managing a crypto portfolio.

Part of the profit from every Cryption service will be used to maintain constant buy pressure on Cryption’s native token, CNT. A percentage of the tokens bought will be burnt to reduce the token supply and the other half will be staked for yield farming.

Why We Invested?

If the blockchain industry is serious about becoming mainstream, it is vital that all of the benefits of it become more accessible to the general public. “Mass adoption” has been a major talking point of this cycle but for now, a lot of the features of blockchain and in particular DeFi, are proving out of reach for the average retail investor. This is either on account of the complexity or the expense that interacting with such features involves.

The blockchain industry has seen massive growth this past year and it’s only going to keep growing for years to come. Projects like Cryption Network will be at the forefront of that growth. Cryption offers a route into the industry for the types of investor that is needed for the industry to maintain its growth. This will, in turn, create an industry that can empower everyone with total control of their own money. The kind of industry that blockchain was meant to be.

About Cryption

Cryption is building a suite of user-friendly crypto products for the normal investor looking to get involved in crypto.

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