Why We Invested in Creator

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4 min readAug 24, 2021

We are proud to announce our recent investment in Creator, a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that provides No Code Smart Contracts and Low Code DApps alongside other services to empower the DeFi and NFT world.

What is Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)?

Similar to the SaaS model, BaaS is the third-party creation and management of cloud-based blockchain networks that allow businesses and users to build, host and operate their own blockchain apps and functions while at the same time allowing service providers to keep the infrastructure agile and operational.

By utilizing BaaS systems, businesses can create secure blockchain environments and manage smart contracts and applications without prior technical knowledge. This allows them to take advantage of the main benefits of blockchain technology, including transparency and accountability, data security, and trust minimization while saving money on operating and maintenance costs as there is no need to invest in expensive computing resources.

BaaS systems are being explored to enhance the development and application of blockchain technology and are seen as a key avenue of how blockchain adoption will be applied across businesses.

Creator is a one-of-a-kind BaaS Solution.

Creator is a one-of-a-kind BaaS system with a clear focus. That is to concentrate on providing its service to the DeFi and NFT space to empower it further and make blockchain development easy. This is achieved with a very user-friendly UI based on a no-code / low-code solution, allowing entrepreneurs and businesses to build and deploy NFT and DeFi focussed blockchain DApps and systems in a cutting edge, cost-effective, and secure hosting environment without prior technical knowledge.

Every transaction conducted on the Creator network is interoperable with other chains such as Etherum, Polkadot and Binance Smart Chain, making it a highly appropriate system to streamline a BaaS infrastructure. That is because Creator’s underlying blockchain network is built on the Polkadot/Substrate, which allows it to reach true interoperability and implement user-driven network governance protocols and customizations that focus on DeFi and NFT technologies. This makes it very attractive for businesses and individuals who want to create DeFi and NFT focussed DApps and deploy them cross-chain without any knowledge of blockchain or smart contract development.

Why We Invested?

The DeFi and NFT space is booming, and there is no shortage of emerging projects or the influx of new ideas, making today a very exciting period for the blockchain industry in general. In 2020, the DeFi market size stood at USD 1.85 bln and the NFT market tripled in value increasing by 299% to more than $250m. Such growth demonstrates that there is significant potential for even more technology and use cases to develop, paving the way for BaaS systems to be deployed to meet this demand.

Creator is a pioneering BaaS system that has focused strictly on the DeFi and NFT space by providing services and options for everybody who owns business products and ideas to easily and quickly upload them to a blockchain network at a low cost. This will further empower the DeFi and NFT industry by allowing individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses to streamline their ideas with ease through Creator’s unique No Code Smart Contract and Low Code Dapp ethos where users do not need to have any knowledge of blockchain development or smart contract deployment.

We are working closely with Creator with the ambition to combine and exchange visionary ideas and to strengthen their resources to make sure that they accomplish the goal of empowering the Defi and NFT industry through their easy-to-use BaaS solution.

About Creator:

Creator is a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) that provides No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DAPP, and other services. Creator’s chain is based on the Polkadot/Substrate which provides true interoperability, user-driven network governance, and customizations that focus on Defi and Smart Contract.

Creator has an incredibly friendly UI and multiple enhanced background services. Hence, with or without IT/ Blockchain skills, by filling out some initial information and a few clicks, anyone can simply go live a Smart Contract.

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