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MV Global
4 min readJul 4, 2024


Our Journey

Since the dawn of Bitcoin, the team at MV Global has led the charge in the crypto revolution, continuously investing in and empowering Web3 founders. Over the past decade, we have honed our expertise and navigated the industry’s dynamic cycles with precision. Our early investments in exchanges, Layer-1s, DeFi, infrastructure, gaming, AI, and DePIN showcase our foresight and commitment to innovation. With over 250 supported projects, including recent successes like Aether Games, Nibiru, Peaq, and Koii, our track record speaks volumes about our ability to thrive in the ever-evolving blockchain and Web3 landscape.

Amid the recent bear market, MV Global restructured and expanded its team to enhance our ability to move with, and ahead of, the rapid pace of growth in Web3. Working alongside the co-founders, Lee Pickavance, Group CEO & Managing Partner, has moved MV Global onto a new footing:

“We have put in place the organisational structure and broadened our team to leverage our unique set of services, expertise and capabilities in the support of Founders and Web3 ventures.”

Recognised as one of the most active early stage investors in the space we look to build on our track record and utilise our market reach to continue our support for founders, early stage ventures and wider Web3 ecosystem.

Our Approach

MV Global is focused on delivering top-quartile results for our LPs and working with founders to maximize their probability of success. We do this with a unique blend of investors, builders, researchers and technologists combined with a hands-on, entrepreneurial approach.

This is reflected in everything we do, from knowing how to spot winning early-stage teams to our go-to-market expertise to our ongoing support of portfolio companies. We also back our own market views and demonstrate conviction in our investments by committing proprietary capital to nearly every portfolio company.

This approach is reinforced by our business units which operate autonomously yet collaboratively, fostering a successful support ecosystem for our portfolio companies and projects. The breadth and depth of our value proposition is a success factor and key differentiator for the teams we work with:

  • Crypto Native: Embedded in the crypto ecosystem, we’re also builders of numerous web3 startups
  • Market Access: Network of over 1000 investors, experts, and thought leaders
  • Risk Capital: Early stage venture capital funds and proprietary capital
  • Go-to-Market: Tokenomics, token metrics, fundraising, exchange listings and strategic advisory services
  • Launchpad: Direct access to an industry-leading launchpad
  • Media & KOL network: Enhanced community development, user adoption, and marketing

Together, our approach and value proposition truly differentiate us as world-leading Seed Stage Investors and venture builders.

Embracing Emerging Tech: A Strategic Necessity

In a world of rapid change driven by the convergence of new technologies, the scale of economic and social change is difficult to comprehend. Blockchain, and technologies like AI, will form the basis for an entirely new form of frictionless commerce, new units of economic production, and new social and political networks.

This inherently digital and borderless world allows innovative business models and presents a new competitive landscape for both entrepreneurs and large corporate incumbents alike. New technology is breaking down barriers to entry and the monopolistic nature of many mature industries — we see this with decentralised physical infrastructure, decentralised finance and the tokenisation of real world assets.

Recognizing these dynamics is crucial for projects to capitalise on to move quickly. In a fast-changing world where many businesses are increasingly forced to become niche specialists, we focus on spotting the new market opportunities and innovative businesses working to build into this long secular bull market for technology.

Investing in emerging technology demands respect for timing and the implications of business cycles, bitcoin halving cycles, and longer time frame shifts in technology adoption and innovation. Our active investment model ensures we remain engaged, adaptive, and uniquely positioned to capture early-stage opportunities. Where others may exit during downturns, we seek to build and invest in long-term winners.

We see Blockchain and Web3 technologies becoming the new substrate for this digital future. Through it all, MV Global commits to innovation, collaboration, and sustained growth for its network of businesses and partners. Expect exciting developments as we continue to invest in the future and build across our ecosystem.

About MV Global

Established in 2019, MV Global has emerged as a force in the Web3 landscape focused on early-stage investments and venture building. Our mission is clear: to partner with mavericks, visionaries and free thinkers to leverage blockchain-enabled technologies to build for the future.

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