MV Global’s 2024 Crypto x AI Report

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Emerging technologies are shaping a new substrate for the digital future. At MV Global, we are keeping a pulse on how decentralized technologies are set to address key issues in AI development. Get key insights in our latest report, Crypto x AI: Can Crypto Solve the AI Scalability Challenges?

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Our report examines how decentralized technologies can solve AI scalability challenges in three key areas:

  1. Training Data Collection and Processing
  2. Storage Solutions
  3. Workload Management

Key Findings

Training Data Collection and Processing: Decentralized solutions like Koii and Hivemapper use web scraping nodes and sensor networks to incentivize participants with tokens and create a rich data ecosystem.

Storage Solutions: Decentralized networks such as Storj and Arweave provide secure, cost-effective, and resilient alternatives to centralized cloud storage. By leveraging unused storage space globally, they strive to offer maximized data redundancy while eliminating single points of failure.

Workload Management: Decentralized compute marketplaces like Akash and Golem Network democratize access to GPU power, reducing costs and increasing availability for AI computation.

Investment Opportunities

AI-related tokens have outperformed the broader crypto market. Decentralized projects in computation and storage show substantial growth potential, addressing conventional AI’s scalability and cost challenges.

Emerging Projects

Innovative projects like BitTensor aim to decentralize the entire AI stack, from data collection to model deployment. Numerai uses decentralized tournaments to crowdsource machine learning models, rewarding participants with tokens.

Looking Ahead

The convergence of crypto and AI holds immense potential. Decentralized technologies can solve critical issues in the AI ecosystem, from data security to scalability. While challenges remain, leading projects suggest a promising future with significant upside potential for early-stage investors.

Commitment to Innovation

In an era of rapid technological convergence, MV Global is committed to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and achieving sustained growth, as we invest in and build the future of technology.

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